Agnikarma Movement

We believe in Ayurveda in action and have started the Thermal Cautery (Agnikarma) movement with the blessings and guidance of Vaidya Asvin Barot, a well-respected International Ayurveda Consultant and researcher from London (UK).

With the current rise in the muscular and joint disorders, the ancient Indian technique of Thermal Cautery (Agnikarma) is a fast and effective treatment for suffering patients. Muscular and joint disorders not only cause discomfort to sufferers but also have a knock-on effect on their socio-economic well-being. With the Thermal Microcautery (Agnikarma) treatment, we are looking to relieve discomfort for not only the sufferers, but also their families, friends, and society as a whole.

Our aim with the Thermal Microcautery (Agnikarma) treatment is to make people better by relieving their muscular and joint pain and help them live with ease in the society.