Aim and Approach

Our aim is to establish and propagate Thermal Microcautery (Agnikarma) as a fast and effective treatment option for acute and chronic pain in muscular and joint disorders.

Our approach to Thermal Microcautery (Agnikarma) includes the application of Thermal Microcautery (Agnikarma) in a scientific way. We undertake a detailed analysis of the patient and their medical history to ensure the correct treatment of Thermal Microcautery (Agnikarma) is appropriately applied.

We also ensure the management of therapeutic burns using a specially formulated herbal cream named BurnCool cream which contains potent herbs such as Mastic (Rumi Mastagi) Pistacia lentiscus and Shorea robusta.

We are firm believers of evidence-based medicine. By tracking individual patient treatments and improvements, we are able to further research into acute and chronic pain.

Our advisors play a key role in understanding the correlation of Thermal Cautery (Agnikarma) and cutting-edge medical science.