Agnikarma (Thermal Microcautery) Procedure

Agnikarma (Thermal Microcautery) Procedure At Our Centre
Agnikarma Procedure Involves Thermal Micro-Cauterization Using A Specialized Agnikarma Unit (Thermal Microcautery Unit) Or A Metallic Instrument Called Agnikarma Shalaka. First, Depending On The Patient’s Constitution, The Diagnosis And Severity Of The Disease, Specific Points Are Identified On The Affected Body Area. Then, The Heated Tip Of The Thermal Microcautery Unit Or Of The Agnikarma Shalaka Is Applied Precisely To The Affected Area Followed By Application Of Holistic Burncool Cream For Instant Cooling Relief.

After The Treatment, The Patients Can Carry-On With Their Daily Activities. Follow-Up Treatment May Be Required Depending On The Severity Of The Condition.

The Agnikarma Procedure, If Carried Out Improperly Can Cause Complications, Hence It Is Of Paramount Importance That The Technique Is Always Carried Out By A Trained Ayurvedic Practitioner With Specific Expertise In Agnikarma.