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Agnikarma (Thermal Microcautery) Procedure

What Is Agnikarma (Thermal Microcautery)?
Agnikarma (Thermal Microcautery) Is An Ancient Medical Technique Which Has Been Well-Described In Ayurveda, The Indian System Of Medicine.

An Indian Surgeon, Maharshi Sushruta, Known As The Father Of Modern Surgery, Documented The Effectiveness Of The Agnikarma (Thermal Microcautery) Procedure For Various Musculoskeletal Disorders In The Ancient Ayurveda Literature Of Sushruta Samhita About 2500 Years Ago. ( Https://Www.Ancient.Eu/Sushruta/ )

In Today’s Modern World, The Most Frequent Cause Of Disability Is The Prevalence Of Musculoskeletal Disorders Such As Osteoarthritis, Sciatica, Spondylosis, Frozen Shoulder Etc. Long-Term Muscular And Joint Discomfort Can Lead To Psychological Distress And Often Negatively Affect The Quality Of Life. Modern Medical Drugs Offer Symptomatic Relief, But Chronic Use Of Modern Drugs Is Associated With Serious Side Effects.

The Agnikarma (Thermal Microcautery) Technique On The Other Hand, Is A Highly Effective Treatment For Musculoskeletal Diseases Providing Quick Relief Without Side Effects Or Complications. It Is A Minimally Invasive Cost Effective Procedure That Can Reduce The Need For Surgical Interventions.